United Blood • Richmond, VA

United Blood • The Canal Club
Richmond, VA • April 6 - 9, 2017

April Skies • New York, NY

there's something warm about the rain
there's something warm in everything •

Incendiary • Thousand Mile Stare

Photographed Incendiary to promote their upcoming album, "Thousand Mile Stare," which will be released on May 5 via Closed Casket Activities.

Check out the first song being premiered from the upcoming LP below, or via Revolver Mag.

Sentiments from the road.

The winter is always a time of reflection for me. Digging through hard drives and reworking past captured memories is honestly therapeutic when it's too cold and dead outside to make new work.

Many times I can't tell if I keep looking back on specific photographs because I've genuinely created something beautiful, or if the sentimental value of that moment just makes it more important to me. This is a small collection of some of these moments, from all across the United States.

You can't put your arms around a memory.

America's Next Top Model • VH1

I photographed the finalists of VH1's America's Next Top Model, Cycle 23. 

From top left, clockwise: Courtney, CoryAnne, Tatiana, and India.

Kath & Gabe • Brooklyn, NY

the taste just slips away •

Dreams never end • Brooklyn, NY

my promise could be your fiend,
a given end to your dreams •

Late night ladies • Brooklyn, NY

now playing: grimes - "venus fly"

impromptu photos at 1am because who could pass up a chance to utilize the brand new blank white wall in my new place?

Americana • Peekskill, NY

suburban dogs are in love with their chains •

Valentine • NYC

you came in with the breeze on sunday morning •

AnnaLee • New York, NY

soul sis •

Lauren • New York, NY

she's electric •

Caitlin • Tampa, Florida

gold dust woman • 

FYA Fest • Tampa, Florida

January 6-8, 2017
at the Orpheum

for the full selection of photos from the weekend, shoot me an email on my contact page! 

Kelsey & Tim

It was a pleasure to meet up with Kelsey, Tim, and their furry son Arlo to capture their holiday photos. Counting down the days until March 26, 2017, when I get to shoot their wedding video!

Celebrating Loren & Aaron • Long Island, New York

Loren & Aaron's Wedding
October 15, 2016

Sarah • New York, New York

Lower Chelsea with Lady Lowe •

Brooklyn, New York

this is a situation •