go your own way • recent 35mm

fast times in brooklyn, new york
film from february through april

crosstown wanderer • recent 35mm

getting film back is better than christmas morning. some warm winter memories. 

the birds fly south • recent 35mm

the summer ends
the lights go out

April Skies • New York, NY

there's something warm about the rain
there's something warm in everything •

Kath & Gabe • Brooklyn, NY

the taste just slips away •

Late night ladies • Brooklyn, NY

now playing: grimes - "venus fly"

impromptu photos at 1am because who could pass up a chance to utilize the brand new blank white wall in my new place?

Americana • Peekskill, NY

suburban dogs are in love with their chains •

Valentine • NYC

you came in with the breeze on sunday morning •

AnnaLee • New York, NY

soul sis •

Lauren • New York, NY

she's electric •

Celebrating Loren & Aaron • Long Island, New York

Loren & Aaron's Wedding
October 15, 2016

Sarah • New York, New York

Lower Chelsea with Lady Lowe •

Brooklyn, New York

this is a situation •

Teddy Bear Cove • Bellingham, Washington

She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she's out back counting stars.