Bear Mountain, NY

A short drive to the very start of the mountains upstate, just about an hour north of New York City. We ended up having a power outage for half of our stay, but it made for some beautiful moments (when my friends weren't convincing me that the house was haunted).

Sentiments from the road.

The winter is always a time of reflection for me. Digging through hard drives and reworking past captured memories is honestly therapeutic when it's too cold and dead outside to make new work.

Many times I can't tell if I keep looking back on specific photographs because I've genuinely created something beautiful, or if the sentimental value of that moment just makes it more important to me. This is a small collection of some of these moments, from all across the United States.

You can't put your arms around a memory.

"Twin Peaks" • North Bend, WA

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to me to visit filming locations, I always jump on it. I couldn't pass up exploring North Bend, the town where most of one of my favorite TV shows, Twin Peaks, was filmed.

Snoqualmie Falls aka "the Great Northern"
Audrey Horne's stomping grounds, and home of the incredible picturesque waterfall which serves as the exterior for the opening shot during the show intro credits. You can walk the nearby trail which brings you to the foot of the falls for a different perspective.

Twede's Cafe aka the "Double R Diner"
It wouldn't be a fully authentic visit to Twin Peaks without stopping by the place pies go when they die. Though Twede's suffered a fire and no longer has the same interior look as it did during the show filming, it's still worth it to sit down for a damn fine cup of coffee.

Olympic Coast • Washington

Shi Shi Beach, Cape Flattery, and a bunch in between.

Teddy Bear Cove • Bellingham, WA

I hesitantly followed my friend Lindsay down a steep, desolate trail for about three quarters of a mile in the middle of the night with minimal knowledge of what was to come, other than that we were going to a unique place. After the trail, we walked along train tracks in the dark until we got to a clearing that led us out onto a beach filled with kids swimming and sitting around fire pits.

Lindsay said I had to go into the water even though it was freezing. I went in this freezing water up to my knees and saw that there was bio-luminescence in the water! Every time I moved, glow in the dark trails of light would follow my movements.

This really is such a special place. There aren't many bodies of water in the United States with bio-luminescence, which makes me hold this experience with one of my best friends even more close to my heart.

After drying off, we climbed some of the cliffs surrounding the water and looked out along the coastline to see the freight trains passing in the night. This is my favorite place and memory from Bellingham.

Instant Film • Bellingham, Washington

Documentation of the ivy heart wall, before the building is demolished later this month •

El Matador Beach • Malibu, CA

El Matador is my favorite beach in the LA area. Whenever I'm here, I always see photographers having shoots. Maybe all of us as photographers are drawn to it for similar reasons. I love the landscape and feel it sets itself apart from the other beaches in and around Los Angeles.

Good Times At Davey Wayne's • Los Angeles, CA

GTADW is a bar disguised as a 1970s house party. You walk into a garage, and then open a refrigerator door (top left) which brings you into the house. This is the most unique bar I've gone to in LA so far. I'm a huge sucker for the retro interior decorating!

Revelator Coffee • New Orleans, LA

I was really pressed for time in New Orleans - constantly on the go for a day and a half trying to do and see as much as I could during a road trip stopover. NOLA is such a visually stimulating city, so I was glad to find an incredible coffee stop along my travels to keep me goin'. Make sure you stop in for a cup before you set out to explore.

Revelator has seven other locations across the U.S.

Outdoor Day Trips via Austin, TX

Though Austin has plenty of spots to cool off, we wanted to get out of the city for a day and go to a couple of beautiful places we'd read about prior to our trip.

Hamilton Pool Preserve
This place is such a unique experience. The slightly underground grotto was formed after thousands of years of water erosion. There's an easy, 10-15 minute long walking trail to get to the natural pool that is pretty scenic as well. Sometimes, the pool is open and sometimes it isn't. For us, it wasn't, due to high bacteria levels, but it's still beautiful to look at regardless and worth the visit!

Pace Bend Park
After our visit to Hamilton Pool, we wanted to find a cool place to cliff jump. The workers at Hamilton told us to go to Pace Bend. It did not disappoint! We pulled our car off the road alongside the shoreline of Lake Travis, walked about a quarter of a mile down to the edge of the cliffs, laid our things down, and swam all day.

Favorites in: Austin, TX

I came to Austin with no expectations, and left eager to return. This city has an abundance of creativity, great food, and outdoor activities to offer. Here's a rundown of my favorite places I hit during my short stay...

Barton Creek Greenbelt
The best place in Austin to chill out, literally. Many locals were here with their dogs taking a refreshing summer dip in the creek. There are also cliff jumping spots, and tons of hiking trails.

Torchy's Tacos
An amazing Tex-Mex food stand.

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew
Coffee or a beer? Up to you!

Uncommon Objects
A huge antique shop with a wide variety of items. I could have spent all day in there.

A food truck that serves extravagant, huge donuts with a large variety of topping choices. This is a meal in itself.

Hi, How Are You Frog
Daniel Johnston mural. If you get it, you get it!

Top Notch
Burger spot that was also a filming location from Dazed and Confused.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN

Clingmans Dome offers some of the best views of GSM National Park at almost 7,000 feet. It's a fairly short paved hiking trail up to the top from the parking lot, with an incredible payoff.

Loveless Cafe • Nashville, TN

I have never experienced true "southern comfort" until I ate a meal at Loveless. We stopped here for dinner on our drive out of Nashville, and it did not disappoint. It was incredibly inexpensive especially for the amount of food we received. The south was so generous to our appetites!

Grab Grub: Donut Friend in Los Angeles, CA

Vegan friendly/DIY donut shop Donut Friend offers a unique experience to go along with with your mouth-watering confectionery creation. What makes this donut shop DIY? The staff will custom-make your donut right in front of you as you tell them your chosen ingredients! 

Owned and operated by Drive Like Jehu band member and renowned record producer Mark Trombino, Donut Friend brings tons of wittiness to the table with very pun-ny donut names! Some of my favorite item names include Jimmy Eat Swirl, Bacon 182, Jets to Basil, the Gorilla Biscuit, Fudgegazi, Dag Nutty, S'Morrissey, and Rites of Sprinkles. 

Video: Big Sur, CA

“Taste of a Place" is a Roadie video series which focuses on encompassing the feel of specific locations in under a minute.

Cruising along California’s Highway 1, or Pacific Coast Highway, is known as one of the most essential road trip routes in America. This was my third time taking the scenic route between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and Big Sur is repeatedly my favorite stretch of land to break up the drive through Los Padres National Forest. Big Sur is a must-see destination, offering 75+ miles of some of the most picturesque coastal environments in the country. It is also home to the world-renowned Bixby Creek Bridge, which has inspired artists to feature it in various artworks, writings, and music throughout history since its creation in 1931.

Big Sur offers a plethora of natural beauty. Explore the parks, hike to incredible waterfalls, bask in the wonderful feeling of isolation on a rugged beach, or simply enjoy the sights on the winding drive along the cliffs. There is something for everyone in this wonderland. Get a taste of this place in this short video, and explore my past Big Sur travels here

Music: "Dreaming" by Seapony