Video: White Sands, NM

“Taste of a Place" is a Roadie video series which focuses on encompassing the feel of specific locations in under a minute.

White Sands National Monument in New Mexico is one of my favorite memories of my second drive across the country, during an indian summer. Road tripping cross country felt like a right of passage for me the first time. Both times I’ve set out for the west in tiny cars have been nothing but extraordinary journeys. However, there are times when long stretches of barren land seem never-ending. White Sands gave us an otherworldly, unexpected experience in the midst of an eight hour drive through the desert.

Arrive before the park office closes, and you can rent a sled for the day and slide down the massive sand dunes - or be a little creative, and bring your own makeshift sled (we saw garbage can lids, cardboard from boxes, and scraps of metal).

Music: "Something Good" by Alt J