"The Goonies" • Astoria, OR

HEEEEY YOU GUUUUUYS! I had way too much fun reciting lines from one of my favorite childhood movies, The Goonies, as we drove along the northern coast of Oregon through the towns of Astoria and Cannon Beach. 

MIKEY’S HOUSE: Located around 20 miles north of Cannon Beach, the Goon Docks are located in Astoria. It’s very easy to find the address online. There are plenty of signs in the area to point you in the direction of acceptable parking. The owners are very kind and keep to themselves. It’s very generous of them to be so welcoming of strangers every day, so please respect their wishes and boundaries! Read the surrounding signs: approach on foot, and do not explore beyond the private property signs. Yes, I did the Truffle Shuffle. I was amazed at how identical all of the locations were as compared to the movie, even 29 years later! Astoria is such a picturesque town. We could hear sea lions barking at the docks all the way from Mikey’s! 

THE BEACH: Where the Goonies start their adventure using One Eyed Willy’s Map. Ecola State Park as well as the incredible Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach (both pictured above) are both seen in the film and are only a short drive away from Astoria. The old cafe where the Fratelli family hides out was actually built specifically for the movie and no longer exists.

COUNTY JAIL: The infamous Fratelli chase scene! The old Clatsop County Jail now appropriately serves as the Oregon Film Museum. 

THE FLAVEL HOUSE MUSEUM: The museum where Mikey’s dad works. Located across the street from the County Jail, it is currently known as the Clatsop County Historical Society. “It has something to do with my dad being the assistant curly, curny.” “Curator!”