Mobile Diary: California Part I

California • January 2015 • Mobile Diary Part I

California has an abundance of many things that I love: flea markets, retro cars, and coffee. I spent a week driving down the coast with two friends earlier this month, as I have done similarly in the past. However, this time, we started further north - in the college town of Chico. California is the one state that I am obsessed with revisiting, because it seems like there are always new and exciting things to do and see each time I return. It feels close to impossible to truly do it all, but I certainly have many pins in my map thus far! 

  • Top left: In Los Angeles, we discovered Melrose Trading Post, which is a weekly open-air market consisting of vendors selling mostly antiques and vintage goods. I highly suggest giving yourself at least a few hours to browse. There are dozens upon dozens of vendors containing an abundance of hidden treasures at very reasonable prices. I couldn’t pass up that vintage Super 8 camera! Later than night, we made our way to the Darkroom, a gastropub in West Hollywood. As a photographer, I felt right at home, given the name. Here, we made some new friends from Montana and took full advantage of the old fashioned photo booth! 

  • Top right: In Oakland, and numerous other times throughout our trip, I fell in love with a bright red ruby beauty.

  • Bottom left: In the Silver Lake neighborhood within Los Angeles, there is an amplitude of fantastic coffee shops. We returned to Intelligentsia, a coffee spot we had uncovered our love for on a previous trip. They make a rockin’ soy latte. This spot remains my favorite!

  • Bottom right: In downtown Chico, a few hours north of San Francisco, our friend Andrew brought us to his personal favorite coffee shop: The Naked Lounge. The decor in here is warm and welcoming, and so are the baristas! Not to mention, the brew is top-notch.