Favorites in: Austin, TX

I came to Austin with no expectations, and left eager to return. This city has an abundance of creativity, great food, and outdoor activities to offer. Here's a rundown of my favorite places I hit during my short stay...

Barton Creek Greenbelt
The best place in Austin to chill out, literally. Many locals were here with their dogs taking a refreshing summer dip in the creek. There are also cliff jumping spots, and tons of hiking trails.

Torchy's Tacos
An amazing Tex-Mex food stand.

Wright Bros. Brew & Brew
Coffee or a beer? Up to you!

Uncommon Objects
A huge antique shop with a wide variety of items. I could have spent all day in there.

A food truck that serves extravagant, huge donuts with a large variety of topping choices. This is a meal in itself.

Hi, How Are You Frog
Daniel Johnston mural. If you get it, you get it!

Top Notch
Burger spot that was also a filming location from Dazed and Confused.