Outdoor Day Trips via Austin, TX

Though Austin has plenty of spots to cool off, we wanted to get out of the city for a day and go to a couple of beautiful places we'd read about prior to our trip.

Hamilton Pool Preserve
This place is such a unique experience. The slightly underground grotto was formed after thousands of years of water erosion. There's an easy, 10-15 minute long walking trail to get to the natural pool that is pretty scenic as well. Sometimes, the pool is open and sometimes it isn't. For us, it wasn't, due to high bacteria levels, but it's still beautiful to look at regardless and worth the visit!

Pace Bend Park
After our visit to Hamilton Pool, we wanted to find a cool place to cliff jump. The workers at Hamilton told us to go to Pace Bend. It did not disappoint! We pulled our car off the road alongside the shoreline of Lake Travis, walked about a quarter of a mile down to the edge of the cliffs, laid our things down, and swam all day.