Teddy Bear Cove • Bellingham, WA

I hesitantly followed my friend Lindsay down a steep, desolate trail for about three quarters of a mile in the middle of the night with minimal knowledge of what was to come, other than that we were going to a unique place. After the trail, we walked along train tracks in the dark until we got to a clearing that led us out onto a beach filled with kids swimming and sitting around fire pits.

Lindsay said I had to go into the water even though it was freezing. I went in this freezing water up to my knees and saw that there was bio-luminescence in the water! Every time I moved, glow in the dark trails of light would follow my movements.

This really is such a special place. There aren't many bodies of water in the United States with bio-luminescence, which makes me hold this experience with one of my best friends even more close to my heart.

After drying off, we climbed some of the cliffs surrounding the water and looked out along the coastline to see the freight trains passing in the night. This is my favorite place and memory from Bellingham.