"Twin Peaks" • North Bend, WA

Whenever an opportunity presents itself to me to visit filming locations, I always jump on it. I couldn't pass up exploring North Bend, the town where most of one of my favorite TV shows, Twin Peaks, was filmed.

Snoqualmie Falls aka "the Great Northern"
Audrey Horne's stomping grounds, and home of the incredible picturesque waterfall which serves as the exterior for the opening shot during the show intro credits. You can walk the nearby trail which brings you to the foot of the falls for a different perspective.

Twede's Cafe aka the "Double R Diner"
It wouldn't be a fully authentic visit to Twin Peaks without stopping by the place pies go when they die. Though Twede's suffered a fire and no longer has the same interior look as it did during the show filming, it's still worth it to sit down for a damn fine cup of coffee.