Day 1 • Los Angeles, CA

December 8: My first day back in LA breathed creativity back into me that I tend to lose my grip on during winter in the northeast. Forever grateful to Holly for being such an incredible friend, artist, muse, and human being. 

After my plane landed, Holly brought me straight to brunch (kidding, we chatted catching up for 3 short hours, then rolled up to brunch around 2pm) in Echo Park. This place, the Brite Spot, is now one of my favorite breakfast spots in LA. 

Los Angeles in the dead of winter. 

Dinner at the timeless Pacific Dining Car, a 24-hour steakhouse in Downtown. We ended up eating next to Conan O'Brian (had my LA shocking celeb moment and kept my poker face on). 

Midnight stroll around Downtown with Holly, Ray, and Kim. What a crew.