Three Days in Germany

1st stop: Heidelberg

Heidelberg was devastated during 17th-century wars, and rebuilt in the 18th century with baroque buildings. Some notable locations to go see include Heidelberg Castle, and the iconic bridge, Alte Brucke.

2nd stop: Frankfurt

Just passing through... here's how we spent our one night stay:

  • Transportation: the Frankfurt U-Bahn, a commonly used public subway system.

  • Eat & drink: Affentor Schänke in Sachsenhausen, a little restaurant and apple wine tavern with pleasant outdoor seating for warmer nights.

  • Lodging: A&O Hostel in Frankfurt for 12€ per night, which has its own rooftop bar!

3rd stop: Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site

Whether or not your ancestors were affected by the Holocaust, it was well worth it for us to stop here for a few hours to pay our respects, and educate ourselves more on the atrocities that occurred here. Germany as a whole does a ton to make sure those who were victims of the Holocaust are remembered, history does not go untold, those who pass through do not leave uneducated, and reiterates that this should never ever happen again. It was a heavy excursion to say the least.

4th stop: Munich

Our one night stay...

  • Transportation: the Munich U-Bahn, a commonly used public subway system.

  • Eat & drink: Hofbräuhaus, a large and loud beer hall serving up the biggest pretzels and beers I've ever consumed.

  • Lodging: A&O Hostel in Munich