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Mobile Diary: California Part II

California • January 2015 • Mobile Diary Part II

  • Top left: A ruby beauty spotted in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Here, we stayed in a beautiful Victorian home, which is something I can now cross off my bucket list. 

  • Top right: If you’re an Elliott Smith fan, head to his Figure 8 memorial mural in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to catch it on a day when it was recently touched up with fresh paint, as most of the left side of the wall has notes written by fans in remembrance of ES. So glad to meet you, Angeles… 

  • Bottom left: Records and music stuff galore. This place is huge! You could easily spend hours aimlessly browsing. I almost always end up shipping myself something home from here. This particular Amoeba is in Los Angeles, but there is also one located in San Francisco

  • Bottom right: Cafe Lizzi in Oakland was a great morning pit-stop on our first drive north. The staff here is extremely friendly. It’s always great to start a day of driving off with a positive attitude, and the dynamic duo who served us at Lizzi was chock full of sunshine.