this is nowhere • 
scenes from banff national park, canada 

don't bring me wishes of silly dreams

where is the love? • 
scenes from southern california

so long ago...

mini diary •
scenes from here and there

been waiting so long for you to be there with me

golden state • 
scenes from highway 1 along california's coast

i'm just stuck in lull city

olympic coast • 
scenes from washington's coastline

you know all i want to do is live my life and forget about you

road trip usa • 
scenes from cross country adventures

i don't know where i'm running to, it's become quite hard to see

southern comfort • 
scenes from a summer down south 

and if they try to slow you down, tell em all to go to hell

snippet of sausalito • 
scenes from the california coastline 

then we'll sleep for another hour

european road trip • 
scenes from holland, germany, austria, italy, switzerland, france, & england

i'm gonna let go, i'm gonna waste some time

big sur • 
scenes from the california coastline

every time i close my, every time i close my eyes... 

dreaming of rainier • 
scenes from mt. rainier, washington

restless soul, lie down. lie down with your ear against the earth

roadie: yearbook one • 
our most recent travels spent together, in celebration of zine #1